Features & Benefits
HF Lab Unit

Texas Sampling's HF Acid unit is a Custom Designed Sample system for taking safe, accurate grab samples of Hydrofluoric Acid.  The system is designed to ensure the utmost operator protection and safety while collecting a HF sample.  The Samples are collected in a one-piece valve/cylinder assembly, which is constructed of Monel and Teflon.  The Sample Valve/Cylinder has been designed to meet the weight requirements of the standard laboratory scale currently used by each refinery.  The Field unit comes standard with Flushing and Purging capabilities to remove residual HF from the valve/cylinder connections before removing to be transported to the lab.   Once the sample cylinder has been removed it can be safely transported back to the lab in a custom made Stainless Steel carrying case. 


Standard Plate Size 24" x 22"
Standard Materials of Construction All tubing, valves, cylinders and fittings come standard as Monel - Teflon.

Features Benefits
Monel 400 Construction All Monel 400 Construction for Chemical Compatibility
Finger tight seal face fittings

Safe and Accurate Sample Collection Due to Finger Tight Seal Face Seal Fittings

Re-useable Valve / Cylinder Assembly

Re-useable Valve/Cylinder Assembly which can be disassembled for cleaning

Flush and Purge

Flush and Purge capabilities for ensuring Residual HF Acid has been removed

Customized Sample Cylinder

   Sample Volume can be specified by customer to meet their exact needs

Operation and identification tags provided on front of panel Step by step operating procedures.
Operator can verify at all times what mode system is in.
Installation/Operation Manual Provides vital information for installation, operation and maintenance.