Texas Sampling

Valued Suppliers and Customers,

CIRCOR Instrumentation has consolidated its Spartanburg, SC Texas Sampling operations into the newly created Houston Sampling Service Center.

What is the Sampling Service Center? The CIRCOR Energy Sampling Service Center, located in Houston, is 100% focused on the application, design, support and supply of custom engineered grab sample systems. To put it another way, SAMPLING IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS! The TSI brand will occupy space in the existing Dopak Sampling Systems facility located at 4540 S. Pinemont Suite 118 in Houston Texas.The combining of these two brands into one facility by CIRCOR Energy has resulted in the creation of a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE for grab sampling unrivaled in today’s marketplace. The two companies that pioneered and shaped the grab sample market over the last 40+ years will provide customers access to unparalleled knowledge to assist with the design, installation and operation of custom engineered solutions to meet today’s most challenging applications. Do not mess with the rest, when one call can get you the best!

CIRCOR Energy Sampling Service Center
4540 S. Pinemont, Suite 118
Houston, Texas 77041 USA
+1 713-460-8311