Features and Benefits:

   Reduces sample temperature to condense liquids and  lower pressure

   Separation of Gas and Liquid via a 1 liter drop out collection cylinder

   Liquid sample is collected in Bottles protected by a Stainless Shroud

   Gas Sample is collected in Cylinders secured in place with PVC Saddles

   Pressures/Temperature ratings up to 1800psig and temperatures up to 650º F

   Collect samples at low pressure (less than 150 PSIG)

   Ability to collect the Gas and Liquid samples separately

   Visual indication of condensed Liquid for safe collection

   Eliminates operator exposure during sample operation via replaceable needles

   Easy to read operation instructions on panel

   Field Proven Design - Texas Sampling is an ISO 9001 company and had been   

     designing and manufacturing sample systems since 1991


   Addition of detector tube sample point to monitor H2S

         Monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy C available upon request




The Dual Phase/Reactor Effluent Sampling system has been designed for the collection of Liquid and/or Gas samples during the Hydro-cracking and Hydro-treating process.  The lab is looking for the amount of Hydrogen in the sample.  The Dual Phase/Reactor Effluent Sampling system allows the process technicians to take routine samples throughout the process.   The ability to sample this difficult application has a tremendous cost savings advantage to the customer by reducing the amount of costly Hydrogen used.