LPG Sample System

Texas Sampling, Inc. has several patented LPG sample systems that can take samples of LPG liquids or gases. Our LPG sample systems enable operators to obtain samples of liquids with high vaporization pressures. Sample is captured in a sample cylinder for easy transportation to the lab. Texas Sampling cylinder saddles help ensure proper alignment and prevent leakage when connecting the cylinder. The cylinder is safely secured to the plate by the saddles. For maximum operator safety, our design allows the operator to maintain the proper outage. Excess sample left in the system is also vented so that the pressure in the quick connects is reduced. Simple operation and easy on / off design of the sample cylinder make our system a good choice for any high vaporization liquid or gas application.


Standard Plate Size

11 1/8" x 23 1/2"

Standard Materials of Construction

All tubing, valves, cylinders and fittings come standard as Stainless Steel. Seats and Seals - Teflon.

Other materials available

Monel, Hastelloy C



Easy Operation

Operated with only two valves

Sight Flow Indicator
(liquid only)

Allows for a visual check of sample flow

System Pressure Gauge

Provides status of loop pressure for venting and disconnection of cylinder

Cylinder Saddles

Assures proper alignment, prevents damage to quick connects and firmly secures sample cylinder

Check Valve in Quick Connects

Provides double blocks on both ends of sample loop after sample cylinder is removed

Installation/Operation Manual

Provides vital information for installation, operation and maintenance

Process Sample Block Valves Isolates system from process stream.

Available in a variety of sizes to cool process before dispensing into sample bottle.


Emission Filter Absorbs vented vapors from sample bottle.


Insulated Enclosure Maintains constant temperature using steam or electric heat.


Non-Insulated Enclosure Available for protection from the weather or environment.


Pipe Stand Available from Texas Sampling to provide convenient system installation.


Flow Meter Allows for verification of process flow throughout the gas sample system.


Sample Cylinder Assembly Available from Texas Sampling in a variety of sizes with cylinder valves and quick connects.


Dip Tube Available as an extra safety precaution to ensure proper outage.

High Pressure
For applications with pressures greater than 600 psig but less than 2000 psig.




Model Number Specification for Liquids

Model Number Specification for Gases


Demo 1 Bypass Mode

LSG LPG Gas Sample System


LP LPG With Purge

LSL LPG Liquid Sample System


Demo 3 Vent Mode